Pho My Duyen

First-time trip to Pho My Duyen over the weekend. Was so good, I went back the next day for more. A Vietnamese/Filipino cuisine operation that's within my normal driving range. Unreal! And the food, yes, it was tasty. And pretty cheap, nothing more than $10 when I ordered.

Two thoughts: Vietnames and Filipino together? Brilliant. And open seven days a week? Awesomeness.

Day 1: pork adobo, pork gisantes, fried tilapia. All excellent.

Day 2: pho (beef). More awesomeness.

I like my pho untouched by condiments, so that last photo is not my bowl. To each his own. As far as pho goes, this is one of the best I ever had. Then again, never met a bowl of pho that I didn't like. 

2153 N King St
Ste 107
Honolulu, HI 96819Kalihi
(808) 847-3630