A&G Steaks and Things

There's more than one thing a bit unusual about A&G Steaks and Things in Wahiawa.

1. They have a $6.99 steak plate with choices: brown or white rice, green salad or corn. Sure there are other steak joints around the island, but...

2. This place has FREE wi-fi. That may not matter to most people, but with my modem (Verizon) acting wacky, wacky, wacky lately, having free wi-fi matters. Especially in Wahiawa, where the only other free wi-fi I know of is McDonald's. No Starbucks around here that I know of, and SB doesn't have a good steak plate.

There's more.

3. They not only offer steak and shrimp and all kinds of goodies, they have the best assortment of sauces: A-1, homemade sauce (sesame oil in there?), sriracha (Huy Fong, the original and best) and shoyu. There's one more I didn't try.

4. The TV is large and on. Now, I'm not a watcher of the CW Network, and the show they have blasting here is a clone of the old Jerry Springer Show. It's annoying, but after about 5 minutes, I can't help being interested in these couples that are having big issues. You know the old formula, lie-detector tests, the boyfriend had children with other women while his longtime girlfriend was pregnant, yada yada.

I almost skipped this place because Sunnyside is only a few blocks away. But I wanted to try it out, plus there's a bubble tea shop two doors away that offers azuki bean smoothies.