Really, Huy Fong makes popcorn now

I was just wandering through the food court (or whatever you prefer to call it) at Shirokiya last night after picking up some 20% discount food for dinner. I came across the beer hall area (of course) and saw this on the counter.

For $5.49 (something like that), I could try authentic (?) Huy Fong Sriracha popcorn. I asked the cashier if this was good. She said yes, scratching her nose.

"Why are you lying?" I asked.

She said, no, it's good. I didn't argue. I walked out the door with a 3.5-ounce bag of actual Huy Fong popcorn. Of all the great brands out there, this is one that hasn't, to this point, sullied itself with mega merchandising stuff. I have a Huy Fong Sriracha T-shirt (thanks to my brother, Kimo), but on the Huy Fong website, last I checked, they don't market those kinds of things.

More power to them. But this popcorn is for real. The first bite of a couple of kernels were surprisingly... sweet. I thought, where's the kick? But a few mouthfuls later, it's on. The burn is on.

Goes well with your favorite beverage.

One question I had for the cashier was: why shouldn't I just get regular popcorn and squirt Sriracha sauce all over that? She had no answer. I felt pushy and backed off. But I have the answer. If you squirt wet sauce all over popcorn, your hands will be wet, you would probably end up rubbing a tiny bit into your eye(s) and regret it mightily. This popcorn is dry, dry, dry. Tasty, tasty, tasty. Not the best value for more than 5 bucks, but treat yourself now and then. At least it's healthier — fiber, no butter, and chili peppers are good for your blood circulation — than most snacks.

There's probably a maniacal, ludicrous and genius recipe out there already that includes this Sriracha popcorn.