Itchy Butt: Korean fried chicken

The eight-piece chicken box comes with potato "chips" at $12. It's a pretty good deal. You can choose from regular fried chicken or Korean style. I planned on getting the regular, but after having Jolibee's (my favorite) the day before, I went for Korean. 

Basically, that meant regular with Korean spicy/sweet sauce over the top and, eventually, souping up at the bottom. Tasty, sweet and a little extra spicy as I requested. 

I wish there had been more potato chips; those were pretty good. But there's not much starch in this meal — good for overweight middle-agers like me. The cole slaw was classic, a great neutralizer to the spiciness. Also good: the picked (cubed) daikon. Also excellent with the chicken. And there was a standard small cup of ranch dressing. 

Good deal, all in all, more than enough for two people. I couldn't finish this. The last 3 pieces — these are wings, drumsticks, small stuff — are in my freezer. 

Itchy Butt has been all good to me so far. So much more on the menu I want to try.