Old Faifthful: Taiyo Ramen

Can't beat old faithful. Miso ramen and gyoza — my favorite gyoza on earth — at Taiyo Ramen. They've added a few items over the years, but the miso ramen and gyoza haven't changed since the first time I wanted in their door (when it was at the current Macy's Ala Moana location) in the mid-1990s.

Perfect on a sniffly night. I saw something on TV the other week about soup being the best thing nutrionally. Think it was a story about a former sumo wrestler who retired young and lives in L.A. Chankonabe, the stew/soup staple of sumo guys, is what they rely on. I think it's similar with our craving for soup and ramen when we're sick or enduring cold weather. I definitely felt much better after this meal.