Best fried chicken list update

OK, I took some advice from a friend (Lehua Nishimura, thank you) and tried Foodland fried chicken. That's right, FOODLAND. I happened to be at the one in Kalihi, and Lehua's claim that Foodland makes the best fried chicken rang that bell in my head. So I bought a thigh. Nice lady gave me a large one.

Before I continue, I have to add this. I could tell the chicken was freshly fried. Stuff that sits under a lamp or behind a window of several hours will rarely still taste great. So there was that.

It cost $2.19 for a thigh. I didn't eat it until a few minutes later in the car. Good? Yes. Great? Close. Crispy, juicy and not too greasy. Lightly salted. What more could I hope for?

So this is my updated list.

## Pupule's Best Fried Chicken (Hawaii) ##
1. Golden Duck (S. King St.) - salt & pepper wings. Garlic/chili pepper topping rules.
2. Jolibee - Spicy, please.
3. Foodland (Kalihi).
4. Zippy's.
5. KFC.
6. That gas station in Kawaihae.
7. Popeye's.
Sorry, no photos. This video is impressive, though. Koji?