Kalihi: Foodland fried chicken again

Made a return visit to Foodland in Kalihi on my way to work and this time, I got a full plate, if you can call it that.

The first time, I just got a thigh for $2.19. That was tasty, perfectly salty, crispy and juicy. This time, I went for the plate, think it was $8 or so, and was bummed to find out that they only give a thigh or breast, and then a small leg piece. Lots of rice and side (I chose potato salad), and tasty as it was, I couldn't even finish that. I should've just gotten chicken only.

Again, the chicken was just right. Crispy, juicy... and this is mid-afternoon when you might imagine most places have hardened fried chicken sitting under lamps. But at Foodland, it's not sitting under burning hot lights. It's behind a window, as if the thighs and breasts are keeping each other naturally warm.

Still high up on my Fried Chicken rankings.