Kapahulu: Hoku BBQ

These photos were buried on a camera for awhile. I'd just eaten a chili plate at Rainbow Drive In when I wandered around and walked into this place. Well, first, I wanted to take home some huli chicken that was cooking in the parking lot. They pointed me to this place, Hoku BBQ, which used to be a vet clinic.

No jokes please, strictly huli chicken here. And some other stuff I had no interest in. Worth noting that the folks who own Rainbows are going to pull a lot of visitors to Hoku BBQ, just a hunch. I was there at mid-afternoon and there were several tourists there.

The full chicken is $12, a bit pricey, but worth every cent. The Hoku huli chicken is a little bit on the sweet side, not exactly covered in paprika and other spices like the old-school huli chicken you may be used to. But it is expertly cooked, juicy and awesome.