Liliha: L&L fried chicken

A friend advised that I give L&L in Liliha a try, noting that their fried chicken is exceptional. I didn't think I'd sample this for a long time, but I had a break the other day and it was time for late afternoon lunch.

As I was told, this took 15 minutes. I can't say it was enthralling, though it was promising. I can't say it was a disappointment, though I wonder why it isn't better.

It's because of this: the breast is perfectly cooked. Crispy, juicy and really good. It's the rest of the chicken (plate is $9) that was slightly overcooked. Sure, I ate it all up a day or two later, but at the time, it was the first fried chicken I'd eaten in a long time — at least since I'd begun this Fried Chicken rankings — that was anywhere near overcooked.

My guess is they kept it in the fryer 1 minute too long. Hope they fix this problem, because if they can cook the rest (thigh, legs, etc) as well as the breast, it's a championship-level contender.