Shakey's fried chicken?

Crispy skin, juicy meat, evenly cooked. Thumbs up!

The Fried Chicken List has taken on a bit of life the past couple of days. Yesterday, I found myself in Foodland and decided to partake of their supposedly fantastic fried chicken. (That proved to be true.)

Today, I beat the traffic on what will no doubt be a hellish Friday rush hour from Mo'ili'ili to the west side. So I took up the promise of Brian Santos and stopped in at Shakey's. Mid-afternoon, it's nice and air-conditioned and mostly empty with friendly service. The wait was worthwhile. (I don't mind waiting for good fried chicken. Just shows they're doing it right and it's not something they pop into a microwave oven.)

Yes, Shakey's is the old-school pizza joint, and yes, they used to have a restaurant in Honolulu on Keeaumoku Street where Sorabol now is. Here, you won't see a pizza guy flipping the dough high above, but you will get some ono chicken. They also have a special hot sauce that one of the guys said is "really hot" but you won't get it unless you specifically request it.

I'd been here only once before. I love the place. Four TV screens, two ESPN channels. Thunder and Grizzles on this screen. This could be my office if I lived around here.

This two-piece meal with potato wedges ("mojos") is $6.99. They have a salad bar plate for $8.99. I almost went for that, too. Still might. I've got a little time to spare.

## Pupule's Best Fried Chicken (Hawaii) ##
Friday, Apr. 3, 2015 (updated again)
1. Golden Duck (S. King St.) - salt & pepper wings. Garlic/chili pepper topping rules.
2. Jolibee - Spicy, please.
3. Shakey's (Waipahu). 
4. Foodland (Kalihi).
5. Zippy's.
6. KFC.
7. That gas station in Kawaihae.
8. Popeye's.