Waipahu: B&L Drive Inn fried chicken

Yes, I had oatmeal for breakfast again (Jamba Juice). Yes, I stopped by B&L Drive Inn to try their supposedly tasty fried chicken this afternoon. My pupule verdict?

Very good. Though the place is air-conditioned — a relief on a sultry and hot day in Waipahu — the scent of some weird disinfectant in the establishment was hard to ignore. I kinda got used to it.

The fried chicken took, as it does in most places, several minutes to make. When I got the mini-plate ($6.25), it was actually kinda wide. Wide? Yeah, it seems that along with the one scoop of rice and one scoop of mac salad (they don't offer tossed salad), you get two very wide chicken thighs. Flattened, too.

My guess is that they flatten the thigh so that it cooks evenly in the oil. No harm done. The chicken thighs were excellent. Crispy, borderline crunchy on the outside. They use a batter, but it doesn't have any negative effect, no unusual flavor. The meat was tender and fairly juicy all the way through.

This is among the better fried chicken I've had, and the fact that it was another hole-in-the-wall makes it  even more rewarding.

I forgot to bring my camera today. Photo is a bit fuzzy. B&L fried chicken good.