Fried Chicken Top 10

Morning ride to Tamura's in Kaimuki was about lavosh. I love that hard lavosh they sell in the big bag. But when I got there, all they had were two bags and everything in them was crumbly. I took a pass. I like the lavosh a little fresher.

But I couldn't say no to 1) ahi poke with limu, and 2) fried chicken. Tamura's has a new little window thing, mini-sized, just for spam musubi, bentos and fried chicken. The FC was 1) just crispy enough, 2) juicy and 3), only $1.50 per piece. Compare that to Foodland ($2.10 to 2.40).

So maybe this is selective memory, but the Tamura's FC (thighs only) rates No. 2 on my updated list. Having the thighs along with an ahi poke bowl (and rice with furikake) may have swayed me some. But the list always changes. This will do until next time. Still haven't tried that famous place in Kaneohe. Yet.

## Pupule's Best Fried Chicken (Hawaii) ##
Friday, June 12, 2015
1. Golden Duck (S. King St.) - salt & pepper wings. Garlic/chili pepper topping rules.
2. Tamura's (Kaimuki).
3. Jolibee - Spicy, please.
4. Shakey's (Waipahu).
5. Foodland (Kalihi).
6. B&L (Waipahu).
7. Zippy's.
8. KFC.
9. That gas station in Kawaihae.
10. Popeye's.
11. L&L (Liliha).