Thursday, February 12, 2015

Old Faifthful: Taiyo Ramen

Can't beat old faithful. Miso ramen and gyoza — my favorite gyoza on earth — at Taiyo Ramen. They've added a few items over the years, but the miso ramen and gyoza haven't changed since the first time I wanted in their door (when it was at the current Macy's Ala Moana location) in the mid-1990s.

Perfect on a sniffly night. I saw something on TV the other week about soup being the best thing nutrionally. Think it was a story about a former sumo wrestler who retired young and lives in L.A. Chankonabe, the stew/soup staple of sumo guys, is what they rely on. I think it's similar with our craving for soup and ramen when we're sick or enduring cold weather. I definitely felt much better after this meal.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Itchy Butt: Chicken bowl

Similar to the Korean chicken "box" from last week. This bowl has chunks or strips of fried chicken and rice. I asked them to keep the sauces on the side. There's a sweet-sour (mostly sweet) brown sauce, reminds me of something from a Chinese restaurant. Then there's the sriracha (I think) mayonnaise sauce that actually just tastes like straight, white mayo.

I didn't love either sauce, didn't hate them either. I added my sriracha chili sauce at home (Huy Fong, of course) and dipped some of the chicken in the mayo. For $6 it's a good deal (comes with a drink and I opted for water).

Itchy Butt, I'm starting to really like you.

Friday, February 6, 2015

A&G: Salmon special

Another Friday, another trip to Central Oahu. Wahiawa is always a pleasant place to visit for me. And though I like are few eateries (Seoul Inn) and still want to try that huli chicken roadside spot (they close up 4:30 pm, Tues-Fri), A&G Steaks and Things has free Wi-Fi.

They also have this salmon plate for $10.99. Good? Yes. Very.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Itchy Butt: Korean fried chicken

The eight-piece chicken box comes with potato "chips" at $12. It's a pretty good deal. You can choose from regular fried chicken or Korean style. I planned on getting the regular, but after having Jolibee's (my favorite) the day before, I went for Korean. 

Basically, that meant regular with Korean spicy/sweet sauce over the top and, eventually, souping up at the bottom. Tasty, sweet and a little extra spicy as I requested. 

I wish there had been more potato chips; those were pretty good. But there's not much starch in this meal — good for overweight middle-agers like me. The cole slaw was classic, a great neutralizer to the spiciness. Also good: the picked (cubed) daikon. Also excellent with the chicken. And there was a standard small cup of ranch dressing. 

Good deal, all in all, more than enough for two people. I couldn't finish this. The last 3 pieces — these are wings, drumsticks, small stuff — are in my freezer. 

Itchy Butt has been all good to me so far. So much more on the menu I want to try. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Addiction: Garlic pork rinds

Yes, food can be a drug. And one of my drugs of choice is this. If you run inventory for a grocery store and do not carry this, you are missing out on a chance go get fans (addicts) of savory foods HOOKED.

That's right, the only place I could find this before was Foodland in Kalihi (by Dillingham). Now the Foodland near my home (Kapahulu) sells it. FINALLY.

Don't you guys know what is addicting? Apparently, you do now because this "Da Heo" pork rinds (Garlic flavor, not plain, is the drug) is in the beer/liquor section.

Now you have my money. Congratulations.

One weird thing about this brand is... the brand is not listed on the label. It's just "Snack Style Chicharon" aka "An Choi" from Roxy Trading in California.

This joins Huy Fong Sriracha chili sauce, Jollibee fried chicken, Leonard's malasadas, Waiola Shave Ice, Keo's Evil Jungle Prince (curry), Bass Ale and a very few others on my Fully Addicting Drugs that are Not Actually Drugs list.

Keeaumoku Seafood

While I waited for my bulgogi bowl from Itchy Butt, I peeked into their neighbors' shops. The kim chi shop is still there, no bakery items any more. Their desserts were so ono, too bad.

And now there's a seafood shop and the sign inside says, "No previously frozen ahi." I was hoping the recent surplus of fresh ahi would bring the price down in this shop, but it wasn't to be. I still got a half pound of their limu ahi poke, and even though it doesn't have sesame oil, it was super ono. Worth every cent, and the limu was fresh and crunchy.

I actually threw some into my bulgogi bowl and that was a great combo.

1223 Keeaumoku St
Honolulu, HI 96814

Itchy Butt: Bulgogi Bowl

I'd only had their grindz once, maybe a year ago, and it was good. Thing is, Itchy Butt isn't someplace I normally go to. Well, I found out they're open until 10:30 pm, so that changes things for me.

The bulgogi bowl is just $6 and includes a drink. Tasty, quality food fast. I took a photo of the bowl, but something was wrong and I probably didn't push the button hard enough.

It was filling, though, and I will be back much more. Itchy Butt is located on Keeaumoku Street across from Cartwright Park.

1229 Keeaumoku Street
Honolulu, HI 96814