$6 meal Kaimuki HS: Shoyu Hot Dog

Shoyu Hot Dog Bowl
Kaimuki High School gym

Coach Chris and his staff do wonderful work with the softball team at Kaimuki High School. Part of that is fundraising, which he does with a chef's touch. His humble Shoyu Hot Dog bowl sounds simple, but the teri-style marinade and the perfectly fried hot dog with white rice makes this one of my favorite concession-stand meals anywhere. It is local food done with an artist's touch, unlocking the vibrance and flavor of what makes Asian and American foods blend so harmoniously.

It's just freaking good.

1. $6 or less. Yes. This bowl is just $5, well worth it. That's a plus $1 to the overflow of +$.77 from last time, so I'm now +$1.77 for the next time.
2. No fast food/chains. Absolutely home grown here.
3. Tastes good. This tastes ono. Tastes GREAT.

They do so many different meals well at Kaimuki HS concession stand. This is just one.