Hannara: Best Hamburger Steak?

Finally, after all these years of hearing Eli Kapu rave about this place, I finally got a taste. Hamburger Steak plate from Hannara's in Waianae. There's a sign behind the counter that basically claims this is the best hamburger steak on earth. I don't know about this era, but in the 1980s, now-gone Washington Saimin served up a classic, perfectly charred Hamburger steak plate with perfect gravy, side of kimchi. 

This one at Hannara is tasty, and more. 
1. Massive. Biggest I ever had.
2. The onions are sweet and ono. Wanted more. 
3. They close 8:00 pm. Which is why I never ate there after Waianae football games. 
I only ate less than half and was full. They offer tossed salad instead of mac salad. $9 and can feed 2 normal humans. 



Saburo said…
BEST?!! Bold and audacious claim.
And I didn't think to snap a photo of that claim. Next time.